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Graphical Models of Probability
Bayesian Networks, Decision Networks, and Probabilistic Relational Models
Baysian network learning 
31st-Mar-2005 11:54 am
Hi everyone, I need some help.

I am currently doing a project that uses BNJ for its "brains" and requires the Bayes net to be able to "learn". However, the current version of BNJ does not have any learning classes implemented.
Hence, I was wondering if there are any plans to implement these classes in the near future, like for version 2. If not, any advice on how I can allow the bayes net to "learn" would be greatly appreciated.
13th-May-2005 03:09 pm (UTC) - That's my question!
Actually, in addition to thinking about learning, I was wondering in general what was happening to BNJ 3.1?

The beta has been out since mid-2004 but there's no documentation to explain it, which means I'm a little lost about what it can/can't do and how I should use it. And, unfortunately, I need v3.1 to model a dynamic decision network. I'm on the verge of writing my own DBN implementation, specifically tailored to the needs of my simulation.
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