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Graphical Models of Probability
Bayesian Networks, Decision Networks, and Probabilistic Relational Models
12th-Jan-2005 12:37 pm
Hi folks, I need your help!
Have anybody ever created surveys? Have anybody ever created web surveys? If yes – you are my target audience and I need to research you :) if you don’t mind. My student assignment is to find a way to improve usability of an app for creating web surveys.( http://www.surveymonkey.com/ and such)
Do you develop questionnaire yourself or use a questionnaire that has already been developed and standardized by someone else? Do you work with some app that helps you create a survey? Do you interact with the app yourself or you ask somebody to do it for you? What kind of instructions do you give her? What could be the criteria of a success interaction with such a web app? In what context and under what circumstances would the interaction occur?
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