Full of Sound and Fury; Signifying Nothing (impetuous_wife) wrote in bayesnets,
Full of Sound and Fury; Signifying Nothing

Hello everyone,

I'm taking the math exam to reenter the college world, as my ACT scores no longer hold any value, since they're 11 years old. I'm reading a refresher math text, but I've come across something that for the life of me, I cannot recall ever doing and cannot grasp. I'm a very logical person, so if someone can explain "Permutations" to me in a way that is utilitarian and not just a jumble of formulas, please help. Also, Pascal's triangle is baffling, and as it applies to this as well ...

  • Tutorials?

    I'm looking for any tutorial documents on BNJ. I'm trying to build on OS X , so I downloaded the SRC files, but cannot seem to get any further.

  • A Joke

    Q: Why did the Bayesian reasoner cross the road? A: You need more information to answer that question.

  • BNJ tutorials or manuals

    Hey Everone, I'm a student at Michigan State University doing an internship for the summer. I downloaded BNJ from bnj.sourceforge.net, but the user…

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